Bursary Fund

Each year I look forward to attending the convention. It is a highlight for me. It was not always so. In the beginning I felt a little "alone" not knowing too many people, but as I continued to attend the yearly event, more and more friends were gained. But more than that, each year I would come home encouraged, strengthened for what God had called me to, and blessed that I was able to make someone else’s visit to the conference better by my friendship towards them. The FCA conference is a vital and important part of our Fellowship as a strengthening tool for FCA members. And this year in Vancouver it will be especially so, given the theme and those presenting.

We understand that attending a conference may be a financial burden for some. The FCA believes it is of such great value, a bursary was established that no one would be left behind. We are pleased to assist as many as possible by providing a Convention Bursary of up to $500 to help offset convention costs. It is our desire that every person in the FCA should have the opportunity to attend the conference.

If finances are a determining factor in our decision to attend, please download the application; then email it to Pastor Wayne Kent wkent@bell.net. For more information, call Pastor Wayne at (519) 673-2524.

Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!!

Jim Reimer, Pastor
Bursary Chair