A message from Dr. James Humphries FCA Mission Coordinator

Mission is one of the key pillars of the FCA. There are three key parts which are found in Acts chapter 2. They are mission, evangelism and discipleship, all three are brought together in unity and harmony. They build the framework for a strong local church.

It is our hope as an FCA, that we can build within the local church a deeper commitment to missions and to strengthening its relationship with the variety of missionaries that we support and pray for as a group.

The purpose of a Friday mission emphasis is twofold. First, is to keep the mission mandate of Jesus Christ in focus throughout the local body, from children to the senior members of the church. Secondly, it is desired that a strong bridge of relationship and encouragement is being built between the church and the missionary themselves. The Friday session are to be purposed for a place where missionaries can express from their hearts in what has been taking place on the field and to give these faithful servant information and tools that will help them in the work of discipleship and evangelism where they are serving.

The key also is to let the missionaries in a practical way know and understand that they are not serving out on the field alone, but that they are a vital part of a team ministry, ministering on behalf of the local churches here in Canada.

It is our hope that this Friday of ministry and fellowship would break down barriers and build up unity amongst the FCA pastors and missionaries and that we would move from being a “them and us” to being an “us and us”, a community, committed to caring out all aspects of the Great Commission.

We also hope that this Friday time would reach out past the boundaries of the FCA into the communities that are all around the convention site. To bring greater exposure concerning mission and its importance. There is a great need for coming together as an interdenominational and cross culture ministry to the lost world both locally and aboard.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver as we Advance the Kingdom Together.

Fellow servant in Christ,
Dr. James Paul Humphries
FCA Elder and Mission Coordinator